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The Homebuyer’s Property Tax Refund Program is a new initiative to encourage investment in Rockford neighborhoods by rebating property taxes for three years on residential properties. 

The program would offer purchasers of foreclosed or short-sale homes, as well as newly-built homes in the City of Rockford, a property tax refund for three years. The refund, issued at the end of each tax year in a lump sum, would cover up to 100 percent of the owner’s property tax bill, if all taxing bodies approve the program. Homebuyers must be under contract by December 31, 2016. 

How does it work? Visit for program guidelines and more detailed information.

The City of Rockford Public Works Department is pleased to present the FY 2016-2020 Improvement Program, which proposes over $148,000,000 of infrastructure investment throughout the City. The program was approved by City Council on March 7, 2016. This document is designed to be e-friendly with hyperlinked pages.

Download the FY 2016-2020 CIP Book here

The public works water division recently released an informational video that showcases and details the many facets involved in the city’s water utility that allows the city to bring water to each customer’s point of use. The video covers several aspects involved in the delivery of clean, safe water including well production, lab sampling and testing, distribution maintenance and repair, fire safety precautions, and customer meters and services.


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