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Construction & Development Services Staff

Construction and Development Services

The Construction and Development Services Division provides consolidated services to our customers while promoting economic development and protecting the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Rockford through issuance of permits, performance of inspections, the review of land use, subdivisions, implementation of balanced growth initiatives, and the enforcement of various codes and ordinances.


Primary Functions: The primary function of the Construction and Development Services Division is to provide building, mechanical, and electrical inspections for all existing and new construction, and administer land use planning, zoning policies, and historic preservation.


Todd Cagnoni

Director, Community & Economic Development…..(779) 348-7424


Building Inspection and Plan Review


Thaddeus Mack

Building Code Official....(779)-348-7433


Nelson Sjostrom

Building Inspection Administrator…..(779) 348-7476


Brian Bracken

Building Inspector....(779) 348-7478


Nate Haas

Building Inspector....(779) 348-7411


Jim Sawdey

Building Inspector....(779) 348-7482


Rudy Moreno

Planner/Building Plans Examiner....(779) 348-7445



Electrical Inspection


Robert Diaz

Electrical Inspector…..(779) 348-7412



Plumbing and Mechanical and  Inspection


Jim Scherbinski

Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector…..(779) 348-7410


Stewart Johnson

Mechanical Inspector…..(779) 348-7434



Land Use Planning and Zoning


Scott Capovilla

Zoning & Land Use Administrator…..(779) 348-7447


Brenda Muniz

Land Use Planner…..(779) 348-7421


Darius Morrow

Land Use Planner…..(779) 348-7422



Administrative Staff


Brenda Stromquist

Sr. Administrative Assistant…..(779) 348-7431


Sandra Hawthorne

Administrative Assistant…..(779) 348-7423


Dianne Williams

Senior Clerk…..(779) 348-7413


Christina Hargrove

Senior Clerk…..(779) 348-7409



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