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2020 Comprehensive Plan

Purpose of the Plan


The City of Rockford 2020 Comprehensive Plan provides a vision for the future of Rockford, focusing on city policies and strategies to guide the physical development of the City.  The Plan was adopted by City Council in 2004.  Periodic reviews and updates are reflected in Plan amendments.


2020 Comprehensive Plan (Original, 2009, and 2011 Amendments)


Implementation Plan (2015 Amendment)


The City of Rockford 2020 Comprehensive Plan recommended a 10-year review after plan approval.  The review process began in the fall 2013 and concluded in May 2015 with City Council approval of the 5-year implementation plan (Plan Element 14).  Plan Element 14 includes updated strategies and recommendations to further the long range planning goals and principles established in the 2004 approved plan.


Plan Element 14: Implementation 2015 - 2019


Reader's Guide to Understanding the Plan


Planning Process (Historical Documents)






















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