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South Main Corridor Revitalization Strategy


Final Drafts of Corridor documents are now available!



The South Main Revitalization Strategy consists of two volumes.  Volume 1, the State of the Corridor Report, was produced earlier in this planning process.  It's an analysis of exist land use, transportation infrastructure, and market conditions for the South Main Corridor, as well as a summary of the feedback received from community represenstatives at our early planning meetings.




Volume 2 is the Revitalization Vision.  Using the State of the Corridor Report as a foundation, the Revitalization Vision is a set of design guidelines, project goals, and marketing initiatives that will guide development and planning for the South Main Corridor over the next 20 years.  When adopted as an amendment to the City's Comprehensive Plan, the South Main Revitalization Strategy will be formal City policy and will be referenced by the City in making a variety of strategic decisions for this important gateway into the heart of Rockford.





For more questions, please contact Wayne Dust, Planning Administrator at, or 815-987-5636.





The plan's large size required it to be divided into sections online.  Some files are still rather large (up to 30MB) so please download with care.





Volume 1:  State of the Corridor Report


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2:  Land Use and Physical Conditions

Section 3:  Transportation

Section 4:  Market Assessment

Section 5:  Constraints and Opportunities


Volume 2:  Revitalization Vision


Section 6:  (Part 1) - Revitalization Vision

Section 6:  (Part 2) - Revitalization Vision

Section 7:  - Implementation

Section 8:  - Appendices



This is a large file that has been divided up into several parts.  All downloads are in PDF format.

SECTION 1:  Introduction

SECTION 2:  Land Use and Physical Conditions

SECTION 2:  Exhibits (VERY LARGE file - 29MB)

SECTION 3:  Transportation and Infrastructure

SECTION 3:  Exhibits

SECTION 4:  Market Assessment

SECTION 5:  Constraints and Opportunities (w/ Exhibits)


Project Background

Activities related to the development of the South Main Street / IL Rte 2 (SM2) Corridor Plan will begin in the summer of 2010.  This corridor plan, which will require detailed input from the community, will develop a revitalization strategy for the South Main Corridor, which is the length of South Main Street from South of Cedar Street to the Chicago Rockford International Airport.

When complete, the corridor planning document will contain a real estate market analysis, land use and urban design recommendations, an economic revitalization strategy, and a multi-modal transportation plan incorporating bike, pedestrian, and transit uses.

Existing documents covering this planning area and preliminary plans will be posted here for background information.  Please visit this page often for updates, or contact the City Planning Administrator, Wayne Dust at 815-987-5636 for additional information.

Southwest Rockford Illinois Charette – Report and Conceptual Plans (Pilgrim’s Promise 2008)


Request for Proposals (RFP) for South Main Corridor Plan
RFP Amendments

Planning Activities Summary (English / Español)



A similar corridor plan was completed in February 2009 for Kishwaukee Street.  Click here to view the plan.


Past Announcements:

Thanks to everyone for attending the South Main Planning Strategy open house at the Klehm Arboretum on October 27th.  The City of Rockford and the Lakota Group are proud to present the final draft of the South Main Revitalization Strategy documents for your review.  These begin with Section 7 because of the earlier analysis and market data that was part of the State of the Corridor report, which is still available for review below.  We continue to solicit input and information into this strategy before it is finalized and adopted as an official amendment to the City of Rockford's long range planning document, the 2020 plan.  Please contact Jonah Katz 967-6772 or Brenda Alegria at 967-6771 for any comments or questions.


OCTOBER 27TH, 2012 at 6:00PM, at the Klehm Arboretum - City staff, Aldermen Hervey and our consultants would like to invite you to a community meeting to hear about your community’s revitalization strategy.  Over the past year, many stakeholders have devoted their extra time to participate in exciting discussions about the future of South Main Street and Southwest Rockford.  We would like to invite the public to visit and see the results of your hard work.  In addition to exhibits prepared by the Lakota Group, we will also be hearing from representatives of the consultant firm Belmont-Sayre.  Belmont-Sayre is a company that has started working with the City of Rockford on a redevelopment plan for the Barber Colman site.  For more questions please contact Jonah Katz 967-6772 or for Spanish Brenda Alegria at 967-6771


Work on the new Morgan Street Bridge project has begun!  Please review this press release for more information.  Department of Public Works has set up a seperate website for additional project information.


The presentation from the third community planning workshop is available to view as a PDF document:  Workshop Presentation


Our next community planning workshop will be held at:


Pilgrim Baptist Church, 1703 South Central Avenue, on Tuesday June 28th, beginning at 6:00pm.


At this meeting, The Lakota Group team and City staff will give a presentation of the refined "master plan" for the South Main Corridor, based on your ideas and preferences that were shared with us at the April workshop. The ultimate goal is a final community-supported strategy that will be a detailed blueprint for growth and investment that will outline the suggested physical, social, and organizational changes that will take place in order to make this corridor vibrant and marketable.


5/3/2011 - State of the Corridor Report - Final Draft - Now available for review - Please note this is not a final plan for South Main.  In order to develop future design concepts and strategic goals for the South Main Corridor, the Lakota Group and the City of Rockford developed this State of the Corridor Report to analyze the existing conditions of the quality of infrastructure, physical attractiveness, and market conditions, among other factors, that impact the potential redevelopment of South Main Street and Southwest Rockford.  Please review this large report that provides a detailed background on the challenges and opportunities facing this corridor as we move forward.



4/21/2011 - The presentation from the April 14th Workshop, with analysis and conceptual designs, along with a summary of our breakout discussion tables, can be downloaded here.  NOTE:  File is large size (16MB) and is in PDF format.  Thanks to all who attended!



4/7/20111  Community Planning Workshop - The second community meeting for the South Main Revitalization Strategy will be held at 6:00pm Thursday, April 14th, at the Klehm Arboretum, 2715 South Main Street.  Property owners, business owners, and community members are all welcome to attend.  After the successful January 27th Workshop, this meeting will follow-up on the input and opinions the community provided for a revitalization strategy for South Main.  After a short presentation from The Lakota Group, we will move into breakout tables to discuss more ideas and future concepts for South Main improvements.  Light refereshments will be provided.


3/1/2011 - On Thursday January 27th, at Youtbuild Headquarters on 915 S Main, we had a very successful Community Planning workshop.  If you were unable to attend we would like to encourage you to download a copy of the question forms that were passed out at the meeting...
Questionnaire Form - PDF document  (Espanol)
Please return the questionnaires to
Jonah Katz
Community and Economic Development Department
425 East State Street Rockford, IL 61104
drop them off for Jonah at the front desk of Rockford City Hall

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