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The department of Community & Economic Development, division of Neighborhood Standards, handles the sanitation contract through Rock River Disposal for City of Rockford Residents. Our mission is to provide for the collection and disposal of solid waste in a manner that is consistent with federal and state regulations as well as to encourage the recycling efforts of the community. This web page contains everything you need to know about garbage service, recycling, yard waste and hazardous material. You can also download our sanitation brochure, complete a service request, or e-mail us with a question or concern. You can also call Neighborhood Standards at 779-348-7160. Neighborhood Standards

 City of Rockford ordinance requires all garbage, garbage cans or bags to be stored at an inconspicuous location, generally out of sight from the street, until 3pm the night before your regularly scheduled pick-up. Empty garbage cans must be returned to an inconspicuous location by 8am the day following your garbage pick-up.

Holiday Garbage & Refuse Schedule


No collections on:


 - New Year's Day

 - Memorial Day

 - Independence Day

 - Labor Day

 - Thanksgiving Day

 - Christmas Day


Normal garbage collection days for all Rockford residents are Monday through Thursday. For holidays falling on these days garbage pick-up will be one day later.


The garbage collection for City of Rockford residents on Monday, May 29, 2017, and the balance of that week, will be delayed one (1) day due to the Memorial Day holiday.  Residents that normally have garbage pick-up on Monday will have their collection occur on Tuesday and so on through the subsequent days of the week.


The Household Hazardous Waste site at 3333 Kishwaukee Street will be open as usual the weekend of Saturday, May 27, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Sunday, May 28, 2017 from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Please note the Household Hazardous Waste site is no longer accepting latex paint due to its non-hazardous nature.  Oil based paints and paint related solvents and thinners will continue to be accepted.


To sign up for delivery alerts by e-mail from Rock River Disposal Service click the link below:

Rock River Disposal Service


Weekly Garbage Pick-Up

All Rockford residential properties have unlimited collection once a week, Monday through Thursday (excepting holidays). If you are a new resident and need to know your garbage collection day, you can contact Community & Economic Development at 779-348-7160 or e-mail the Neighborhood Standards division.


Although you can place any amount of garbage out for pickup, it must be placed in garbage cans or bags weighing no more than 75 pounds along the curb or alley no earlier than 3pm the night before your garbage pick-up and no later than 6am the day of pick-up. All containers must be removed from the curb or alley by 8am the day following your garbage pick-up. Large items that will not fit in garbage cans or bags can be placed for pick-up.  There is a charge for excessive waste from a residential property.  All excessive waste charges will be billed to the resident by the City of Rockford. Refer to the fee schedule, for unauthorized bulk refuse rates.  The Current Fee Schedule can be found here.  You do not need to call ahead if you have large quantities of garbage to be picked up.


The following items will not be picked up by Rock River Disposal: tires, used motor oil, paint, batteries, construction debris, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners or other hazardous materials. These materials may be accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste facility. Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful also has various collection drives each year. Visit their website for more information at


Beginning January 1st, 2013, a new law went into effect that means Illinois residents are no longer able to dispose of "electronic waste" in their curbside garbage.  Items included as part of the new law are as follows:  computers, video game consoles, computer monitors, electronic mice, printers, scanners, televisions, digital converter boxes, electronic keyboards, cable receivers, fax machines, satellite receivers, videocassette recorders, digital video disc recorders, portable digital music players, small scale servers, DVD players, and cellular phones.


Residents may drop-off used and obsolete electronics free of charge at two Kelley Williamson Company locations beginning April 2, 2013.  The following Kelley Williamson stores will have e-cycling shipping containers on their properties:


550 Southrock Drive (South Main Street and Highway 20)
8061 East State Street (Corner of East State Street and Lyford)


Acceptable materials to be dropped off at the collection bins include consumer electronics (e.g., cell phones, computers and computer equipment, laptops, TVs), office equipment, circuit boards, and power supplies.  Virtually anything with a cord qualifies.

Weekly Bulk Item Pick-Up

Bulk items are household items that are too large to be placed in a garbage can or bag. Items containing freon, such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, will  be accepted only if they are certified freon free by a licensed refrigeration technician. Bulk items are collected the same day as your regularly scheduled garbage pick-up.


Building and remodeling materials, automobile parts, oi, tires, liquid waste and paint thinners are not accepted. These items may be accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

 Weekly Recycling Pick-Up

Rockford residents are not required to recycle, however the City encourages all residents to take advantage of the recycling program. Each household is furnished with a recycling bin. If you do not have one, contact Rock River Disposal at 815-965-2489. Recyclables will be collected on your regular garbage day.


Aluminum and tin cans, glass jars and bottles, aerosol cans, coded plastics #1-#7, and 6 and 12 pack plastic rings will be accepted. All containers should be rinsed, caps removed, and placed loosely in a bin. If you have excess recyclables, they may be placed in a paper bag and set next to the bin. Newspapers should be placed in a paper bag and set on top of the bin. Paper, magazines and phone books should be placed in a paper bag and set next to the bin. Cardboard and paperboard must be flattened and bundled with string or twine, not wire. The bundles should be no larger than two feet by two feet. 


Hazardous materials are not accepted by Rock River Disposal. The Household Hazardous Waste Facility accepts several types of Hazardous Waste.

Weekly Compost/Yard Waste Pick-Up

Yard waste pick-up occurs only during spring, summer and fall when plants are growing. A press release is sent out in the fall and spring advising when yard waste pick-up will resume. A notice will also be placed at the top of this web page.


Residential yard waste pick-up occurs the same day as your regularly scheduled garbage pick-up. Yard Waste material must be placed in compostable paper bags or in 30 gallon refuse cans that have been marked with a large "X" that is plainly visible from the street. Twigs, branches and other types of large brush that cannot fit into either of these containers must be placed in bundles no more than 4 feet long by 2 feet in diameter and not exceeding 25 pounds. Bundles should be tied with string or twine, not metal. Yard waste cannot be mixed with regular garbage nor placed in plastic bags for pickup.


Leaf burning in Winnebago County and within City of Rockford limits is illegal. Leaves can be collected the same as your other yard waste and picked up during your regularly scheduled garbage day. It is illegal to sweep leaves into the streets as they clog both street sweepers and storm sewer drains which can cause flooding in the spring.

 Household Hazardous Waste

Illinois residents (not businesses) can dispose of household hazardous waste at the Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Center at 3333 Kishwaukee Street on Saturdays from 8am to 4pm and on Sunday from noon to 4pm, excluding holidays.


Acceptable hazardous waste includes the following: aerosols, corrosives, oxidizers, solvents, oil-based paints, waste oil, pesticides, batteries, fluorescent lamps, up to 4 tires (without the metal rim), and insulin disposal.


Participants are encourage to dispose of open cans of latex paint by leaving them open to dry or by adding cat litter to solidify.  Paint cans, with lids removed, should then be placed next to the garbage cans.  


Unacceptable waste includes: radioactive waste, compressed gas, explosives and 55 gallon drums.


Although the facility will not accept used medication, the organization called Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful holds used medication drives, along with metal, clothing and other drives, each year. Visit their website at for more information.


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Special thanks to Jason Rotello and Tamika Jones for contributing images for the City of Rockford website.