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Mobile Phones & 911


Calling 911 from cellular phones

All calls placed to 911 from cellular phones will be routed to the closest 911 System. Provide the 911 Telecommunicator with your location, in addition to the reason for the call. Cellular phones do not provide exact location. Therefore, it is more beneficial to use a land line or standard phone to dial 911 instead of a cellular phone, if available.

The following information will assist in the handling of your cellular call:

  • State your location and direction of travel. Pay attention to street signs, landmarks, and highway markers.
  • Give the Telecommunicator your cellular phone number in the event you are disconnected.
  • Don't endanger your own life. If you witness a crime in progress, call 911 and provide all the information you have, such as vehicle or suspect descriptions, license place number, and any other pertinent facts.





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