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Stormwater - Detention and Drainage Easements

Stormwater detention and drainage easements are  best management practice designed to reduce the impacts of pollution and the increase of storm water runoff caused by developments.  They are an essential part of the City of Rockford's effort improve the quality of our streams, rivers and ponds.  Once a detention basin or drainageway fails, it will no longer perform its inteded function and is often very expensive to replace. 


Many property owners are not aware they have a storm water detention or drainage easement on their property and that they are responsible for their maintenance.  While many think it is the City's responsible for their maintenance.  While many think it is the City's responsibility to maintain detnetion basins that is generally not the case.  According to most recdorded plats, maintenance of the area is the responsibility of the property owner or those bordering the area. 


If you are not sure if you have a detention or drainage easement or your property, contact the Stormwater area at (779) 348-7175. 


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What is an Easement?

An easement is the right given to a party to enter a property they do not own.  It is important for a property owner to know if there is an easement on their property becoasue there may be restrictions on the area.  For example, with detention and drainage easements no structures can be built in these areas nor can they be filled or have any obstructions in them.  Check the record plat to determin the easement restrictions. 


 USEPA Post Contruction Stormwater Management

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