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Stormwater - Floodplains

What are floodplains?


Floodplains are the areas along streams or rivers that are likely to experience repeated flooding. 


Over thousands of years, nature shaped the floodplain to hold excess water that spills over the banks. Simply put, floodplains are meant to flood. 


Because nature designed floodplains to flood, the floodplain is considered to be part of a healthy creek system.


Decades ago, homes and buildings were often built in floodplains in Rockford and across the nation.  That's because:

  • Water waseasily available for drinking or commercial uses.
  • Floodplain land is often flat and easier to develop than hilly land.


Since the late 1970's, building in local floodplains has been restricted.  Protecting floodplains from additional development can reduce flood loses and improve the environment.


Floodplain graphic.jpg


While everyone in Rockford is at some risk for flooding, many property owners will find that their risk has changed.  The latest flood maps are effective February 17, 2016.  Please visit New maps mean a safer Rockford.

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