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Stormwater - Going Green


Help Rockford become a more environmentally friendly community.  From making your homes more energy efficient to reducing stormwater runoff from your properties, join the City of Rockford in protecting our environment for future generations.


The City of Rockford and its partners are striving towards becoming more energy efficient with projects such as:


  • Upgrading well houses to be more efficient including placing solar panels at Well #31.  Solar panelsa.bmp
  • Entering into a muncipal aggregation agreement with 50% renewable energy and a homeowner option for 100%.
  • Updating parking decks and City Hall with more efficient lighting.
  • Rockford Park District has installed a green room at Nicholas Conservatory, a living wall at the parking lot, as well as a charging station for electric cars.010a.jpg
  • The Rockford Airport has install the largest solar farm in Illinois.
  • City of Rockford passed an energy code to require newly constructed homes be more efficient.
  • Upgraded the Coronado Theater and BMO Harris Bank Centre to be more efficient.
  • Installed a pervious paved alley in Rockford.


Do your part in making your homes more energy efficient and reusing stormwater at your home.













Page last updated: 2/22/2016 4:24:40 PM

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Special thanks to Jason Rotello and Tamika Jones for contributing images for the City of Rockford website.