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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I submit an online service request for a non-emergency water related issue?


Click here to submit an online service request for a non-emergency water related issue.


Who do I call about my water bill?


For questions regarding your water bill please contact the Customer Service Center at 779-348-7300.


What do I do if I am cancelling my service or moving?


The owner or their agent should call (779) 348-7300 at least one week before the closing.  The Water Division will come to the residence to read the water meter for a final bill.  A forwarding address will be required for the final bill or any credit over $2.00 to be issued. For more information please click here.


I am a tenant, can I get the water bill in my name?


The City will only send water bills to the owners of the property.  Since the owner is ultimately responsible for the water bills, the bills are sent to the owner's address and the owner should ensure that payment is made in a timely basis.  This is being phased-in as tenants change.


Is there a credit for filling my pool?


The water used will be reflected on the monthly water bill for the month that you filled your pool.  Because the water does not go through the sanitary sewer, Rock River Water Reclamation District, places you on their Summer Program.  This Summer Program gives customer a credit on summer bills, which is an average of your two winter bills plus 20%.  The City of Rockford Water Division provides RRWRD with your actual read monthly.


Who do I contact about my sanitary sewer service?


Questions about sanitary sewer water (water that leaves your house through drains, such as the toilet and faucet drains) can be directed to Rock River Water Reclamation District at 815-387-7500.


Who do I contact for curbside garbage collection?


Any billing related issue can be directed to the Customer Service Center at (779) 348-7300.  If you need a new recycle bin, or are having garbage related issues (missed pickup, damaged garbage cans, etc.) contact Rock River Disposal at (815) 965-2489.

Who do I call for questions about my water service?

For leaks, main breaks, low pressure or other water service questions please call the Customer Service Center at 779-348-7300.


How do I report a leak?


To report at leak, contact the Customer Service Center at (779) 348-7300.

A Water Service Inspector will turn your water off at no charge.


For emergencies at night, on holidays, or on weekends, call (779) 348-7300.


Please note the following information before calling:

  • Location of the leak
  • Approximately how long it has been leaking

If the leak is outside, you'll be asked to provide the specific location of the leak and approximately how long it has been leaking.


If the leak is inside your home, the City can turn your water off at the street.  If the leak is directly from a water meter, we will make those repairs.  Any leaks at a valve or from the cut off box to the meter and inside your home are the homeowner's responsibility to repair, although the City will still shut the water off at no charge.


How can I use my meter to determine if I have a leak?


To determine if you have a leak by using your water meter please click here.


My bill is high because I had a leak, can I get an adjustment?


To determine if your leak would be classified as a catastrophic water loss please View the Ordinance on Catastrophic Water Loss.  If you would like to file a Catastrophic Water loss claim, please contact the Customer Service Center at 779-348-7300.


What can I do if I have low water pressure?


If the low pressure is coming from a single faucet, try cleaning out the screen.  If low pressure is affecting the entire house and you have a water softener, try bypassing the softener and monitor if the pressure improves.  If you have bypassed the water softener and there is no improvement to the water pressure, or if you don't have a water softener, please call the Customer Service Center at (779) 348-7300 or click here to schedule an appointment for a Water Service Inspector to come to your home and investigate the problem.


Why does my water taste bad?


Should you have any questions or concerns about the taste of your drinking water, please contact the Water Quality Section at 779-348-7151.


Why is my water rusty?


If discolored water occurs, it is not a health hazard.  Iron (red water) and manganese (black water) may become stirred up within the water main which can create staining on the porcelain and laundry.  If there are any water quality questions, please contact the Water Quality Section at 779-348-7151.


Click here for a guide on naturally occurring Iron and Manganese in water.


Why are there white chips in my water?


White chips can be calcium carbonate (just plain hardness).  White chips that resemble eggshells are actually tiny bits of plastic.  These bits of plastic are coming from your water heater's dip tube.  The dip tube extends from the top of the water heater where the cold water enters and is then heated.  Over time this hot and cold exchange breaks down the dip tube and causes the white chips to appear.  This is a manufacturer's problem that seems to exist in water heaters made between 1993 and 1996.  If you feel this has happened to your water heater, please contact a licensed plumber.


Click here for a guide to Water Heater Maintenance.


What do I need to know about a boil order?


A boil order is issued by a water system when technical / physical problems in the water system have increased the possibility of bacteriological contamination.  The City makes every attempt to notify all customers involved in the event of a boil order via either a door tag or a press release.  For further information click here to view our informational bulletin or contact the Water Quality Section at 779-348-7151.


Where do I find Water Engineering Information?


Click here for information pertaining to Water Engineering.


Who do I call for a water service quote?


Please contact the Facilities Management Section at 779-348-7177.


How can I use water from a fire hydrant for my project?


If you are requiring the use of a fire hydrant, you must first obtain a permit and hydrant meter.  We need at least 24 hours prior notice in order to have the permits approved and paperwork prepared.  Please click here for more information.


Does the City have an Environmental Laboratory?


The City of Rockford Environmental Laboratory will accept water samples collected by contractors, well operators, well drillers, and public water system operators as long as they are submitted in approved sample bottles. Please click here for more information.

Page last updated: 1/12/2017 10:00:57 AM

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