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RockStat FAQs

Who Can Attend RockStat Meetings?

RockStat meetings are attended by the Mayor and his staff, Department Heads, managers of all levels, and city staff. The meetings are also open to the public and the media. In requiring our staff report agency status in a public forum, we are holding ourselves to the highest level of accountability to our citizens.

Are Rockstat Meetings Open To The Public?

Members of the general public, Council members, the media, and representatives from both the public and private sector are invited to attend RockStat meetings. These invited guests are observers in the RockStat process and are not directly involved in the discussions. If our guests have questions which are germane to the discussion, there are Request Forms which can be completed and given to the Chair. If the Chair feels the questions are appropriate, he may include them in his analysis. Questions which are not part of the verbal discussion will be followed up with a direct communication from the appropriate staff member. Media may conduct interviews after the RockStat forum.

Page last updated: 5/6/2013 11:13:26 AM

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